Winning 5-Second SuperTrend Binary Trading Strategy

The SuperTrend indicator is a very good trend following indicator. 

This technical indicator can be used on all timeframes and it gives very accurate signals when you follow this 5 Sec SuperTrend trading strategy.  
trading platform with best supertrend indicator settings

SuperTrend indicator best settings

Before you start trading with the SuperTrend indicator, you need to use the best settings.

First change chart type to line chart:
trading platform line chart settings
Then add the SuperTrend indicator to your charts:
trading platform add supertrend to chart
Lastly you set SuperTrend settings ATR period to 10 and multiplier to 5 and click save. SuperTrend styles are good on default settings.
best supertrend ATR period and multiplier settings
best supertrend style settings

How to trade using SuperTrend indicator

When you trade using SuperTrend indicator wait for a new signal and place a trade in the direction it generates. 

We use quick trading binary options with 5 second expiration time on a real account for best results:
supertrend trading strategy expiration time
When the market is trending up, buy higher signals will have higher accuracy. 

When the market is trending down, sell lower signals will have higher accuracy.

In sideways markets, we recommend you trade our 5 second Bollinger Bands trading strategy.

Is SuperTrend a good indicator?

 The SuperTrend indicator is a good indicator to identify accurate entry points in trends and to help you make informed trading decisions.

Is SuperTrend reliable?

Yes, compared to repainting indicators SuperTrend is reliable and easy to use for beginners.

Is SuperTrend profitable?

Yes, SuperTrend is very profitable when you use the best settings to what we have in the video and follow this 5 second strategy.

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